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She is cute <3


Ms.Sexy ;)

love that girl nickname her Ms.Sexy! ;)


Which sounds better for two different boys?

College Frat Name

We have 8 guys and we are trying to get a good name for our off campus house. Not much stands out about our house but any help is appreciated.

Sir fartsalot

That's his nickname and it speaks for itself.


I need a nickname for my girlfriend.

She is fantastic, incredible, amazing.

I need a nickname for Mackenzie

Qualities are sexy, beautiful, fierce, & strong.

Help! Nickname for boyfriend

Ok so I need to find a nickname for my boyfriend he's 18 he is extremely fit with huge muscles. His first name is Fischer and everyone calls him : cakes, cake, fish, fishy, fishy cakes, fish cakes, fishikins, shishifer. His mom calls him mo and his extended family calls him sumo because he used to be fat.

I don't want to call him that. He is a hard worker very serious he's a big football and baseball player. He is sweet and caring. Because of his name it's hard to find a good nickname please help


Someone who is punk\gothic\emo, who doesn't stick out. Someone who likes to be alone. Someone who's quite and most likely sneaky.


T shirt help

For this group I'm in we have to come up with really cool nicknames for the backs of our t-shirts and I need help. My name is Jayden and my last name is Ware if that helps.