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What's your fave stuffed animal????

Need help finding a nickname for my daughter !!!

I need a nickname for my daughter !!! She's 11 (Almost 12 years old) & she goes with me everywhere & helps me with everything !! (I'm disabled) So I need a cute nickname I can call her !!! HELP PLEASE !!! THX !!!


My boyfriends name is John and I call him J-bear and he calls me B-bear



My new nickname from someone who has been texting me.


Boo Boo



is Bugga a cute name for a boyfriend. I wanna give him a nickname but I cant think of anything.

Basketball nickname

Nate Starcher
hard-working, disciplined player

Please help me with a nickname.


Mi name is carla, but i want a cute nickname for me and my blog.
Im small, blond, with big cheeks and big green eyes ahhaha, i like little cute things, plants, the summer, pastel colors, bunnies, cats and make craft.

Thanks you! =)


Basically just a small nickname I have for my boyfriend.~ He meows every time I call him that. xD


Need a Nickname for Laura

I need a nickname for my friend Laura.
She is 33 years old, beautiful and very funny. She loves to have fun.
She's also a nice girl.