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Muscular,strong, intelligent, lean looks like wolverine on x-men


Someone who doesn't complete what that start


a dj

fun crazy mean sweet

I'm crazy DJ whos wild and fun

I need a nickname

Hello guys! My name is Erin! I have always had one nickname to go by and that was Erbear.
Now Im in highschool and need a highschool level nickname yet a cute one. Im in alot of classes with another girl named Erin who also goes by Erbear. If someone can help I would appreciate it.

thanks, Erin

good name for able

I need a good one for my friend able plz help

Who wants a cool nickname like rock stars!

Best nickname for Isabelle and Robyn?

Nickname for shy guy

He shy when he saw me

Need a nickname for myself

So I need a cool nickname for myself. I'm kinda jealous of my mate with a great nickname. I have bright red dyed hair (I dye it a lot) and I'd certainly love something more creative than "Red". I'm also Australian.