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Purple haired kate nicknames!!

I need a cute nickname for my friend Kate because she has purple hair... any purple related nickname ideas would help!

For a guy I like.

I need a nickname for a guy that is a bad boy. He from a kinda dangerous area and he acts tough. I need a name that is cute yet shows he's a bad boy gone soft for me.

I need help with a nickname for my bestfriend

My bestfriend's name is Kevin and I have no idea what his nickname can be. Please help.


I call my boyfriend this a lot <3 he likes the nickname



Softball player.


What do you guys like better? BTW it's for the name Aimee

Darude - Sandstorm

Darude - Sandstorm.



Blonde green eyes, curvy and short.


This is my personal nickname that I use for years, sounds pretty cool, that's my opinion. I hope you find it good too? :)


He is a shy guy kind of

Well, he sometimes always says/call me sassy. I always respond in denial but I really want to call him by a nickname in other to respond to sassy. But I also secretly like being called sassy by him. He is shy, friendly, mysterious, funny at times and caring, sort of.