T shirt help

Nickname Help

For this group I'm in we have to come up with really cool nicknames for the backs of our t-shirts and I need help. My name is Jayden and my last name is Ware if that helps.

Care Bear

For a girl who is caring and cute



Use this nickname for your boyfriend if he is really really shy.


Nickname help

Nickname Help

My boyfriend is a carmal skinned very fit guy he a hard worker but very caring.

I'm trying to think of a nickname that's not to mussy but shows his personality. He is a serious minded guy but when he's with me he's very loving and he likes to cuddle.


I don't know if this comes from a movie or what, I just like it.


Could I please get some help!!!!!

Nickname Help

I'm dating my boss he's like a teddy bear but that's so original I want something more unique his name is Jamie. He calls me his snowflake.

Kevin and Sarina

Nickname Help

This nickname is more like a ship name for my friend and a boy she likes. I want to mess with her, their names are Kevin and sarina and I need alot of help. I need it to be really really really really really cute cuz there are so cute together so I need help thx.

Diamond Star

For a girl that is beautiful and talented.



Use this for your friends that are grouchy all the time.



my mom used to call me zibbernot when i was a little girl and I always meant to ask her what it meant, but I never got the chance.