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I don't have a nickname, except for the use of my initials.

My name is Aunesty (pronounced Honesty) J.
I have a unique name that doesn't really have any nicknames towards it like someone named Samantha or Brianna would have.

I'm actually interested in what people could come up with from my name...

except for the one my guy friends call me: "On -this- D"

(because it sounds like Au-nes-ty. -.-)

Anyway, try it out people, be creative :D!


I saw a kittyboi once he was such a baby girl!!!!!



My boyfriends name is Adam and I really want to make up a cute nickname for him and he hates everything I come up with! I'm running out of ideas and I need help!!!


Nicknames for my girlfriend

What Nickname should I have ?

Somebody give me a nickname

I need a 3-5 letter nickname, thats easy to say, and starts with V.

Purple haired kate nicknames!!

I need a cute nickname for my friend Kate because she has purple hair... any purple related nickname ideas would help!

For a guy I like.

I need a nickname for a guy that is a bad boy. He from a kinda dangerous area and he acts tough. I need a name that is cute yet shows he's a bad boy gone soft for me.

I need help with a nickname for my bestfriend

My bestfriend's name is Kevin and I have no idea what his nickname can be. Please help.


I call my boyfriend this a lot <3 he likes the nickname