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How old do you have to be?

What should my friend Arika's nickname be?

please give me a nickname!

Hello, I am Jacob. I am 11 years old now and i want to get a nickname.i have a small eyes but i have a tall nose.my ears is big too! others think me is a funny and kind person.Also, i like to play football too.
Can anyone give me a nickname please


My two friends and I have came up with names for Amanda "manda bear" and for Kara "kare bear" but can't seem to think of nickname that can match our theme...

Jessica's middle name is Anne.
She is loveable spunky stand up for others but can be walked on by those she loves... I would love for bear to be a part of her nickname... Please help! :-)

nickname help...

so my name is Amilia... and i have lots of nicknames, but not all of them are very nice... I like Millie and Lia, but my parents don't like it... and Amy isn't my thing... so please help me?

Give me a nickname

Hi my name is Mayur ..and I want a one nickname before my name ..so please help me to find out a nickname for me ...

Need a nick name for my best friend

Her name is Ashley, the nickname she gave me was poodie so I need help finding a cute nickname for her, she's tiny, has a big heart always smiling, very caring and is very sweet.

Twitter handle for Isaiah?

Hi, what is a clever and funny twitter handle for someone named Isaiah?


It's not pronounced how it's spelled.


What is the best nickname for America?