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Darude - Sandstorm

Darude - Sandstorm.



Blonde green eyes, curvy and short.


This is my personal nickname that I use for years, sounds pretty cool, that's my opinion. I hope you find it good too? :)


He is a shy guy kind of

Well, he sometimes always says/call me sassy. I always respond in denial but I really want to call him by a nickname in other to respond to sassy. But I also secretly like being called sassy by him. He is shy, friendly, mysterious, funny at times and caring, sort of.

Need nickname for my shooting star.

I need a nickname for my guy. I want it to be related to a shooting stars, or stars in general because whenever we hang out at night there are shooting stars. Just recently seen a shooting star that I cannot forget. Please help.

What's your fave stuffed animal????

Need help finding a nickname for my daughter !!!

I need a nickname for my daughter !!! She's 11 (Almost 12 years old) & she goes with me everywhere & helps me with everything !! (I'm disabled) So I need a cute nickname I can call her !!! HELP PLEASE !!! THX !!!


My boyfriends name is John and I call him J-bear and he calls me B-bear



My new nickname from someone who has been texting me.


Boo Boo